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Scientists make re-writable paper

This new type of paper, allows users to erase and reuse up to 80 times to reduce theĀ 70 million tons of paper used in the United States.

Scientists are developing an alternative to traditional paper which could reduce deforestation and chemical pollution. The researchers at the University of California Riverside say the new material is actually a thin plastic film coated in non-toxic die. Print on the paper using ultraviolet light heated up to 115 degrees celsius and the text will disappear. The material doesn’t disintegrate over time but the scientists are working on a method to create a cellulose based version that’s less environmentally harmful. They want to increase the number of users to at least 200 to lower costs and expect the rewritable paper to go into commercial production in a few years. They are also working on developing a printer using UV light to directly write text and pictures on this paper. To do that they are trying to modify laser printers by removing the toner and other parts. In the near future a user could just print out a newspaper, read it and then put the paper back to print new content.

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