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A Digital Pen That Writes On Any Surface

Phree is a digital pen and headset, developed in Israel, that can write on most surfaces, and even sends alerts.

It looks like a regular digital pen, however its distinct feature is that it can be used for making notes on almost any type of surface. When working on the development of this project, the team followed the principle that it should be a universal means of data entry. The pen appeared uncommon but indeed functional due to the fact that it does not leave any trace on the surface but enables writing what you need anywhere. Phree connects to your computer, smartphone, tablet device or even your virtual reality glasses by means of a Bluetooth module. You can synchronize it with the Microsoft Office package or such apps as Evernote or Viber. The pen has a tiny display that shows all the key parameters and functions.

If you just happen to think about something and you don’t want to forget, pull up your Phree, write it on the back of your hand or wherever you are. Latency is one of the key factors to having a digital pen feel really comfortable. The latency is less than 15 milliseconds, which means it’s instant. It’s actually faster than any digital stylus, so your writing is completely natural. It allows for many levels of pressure, so you can use it as a brush. In fact if you write Chinese characters, for example, you use it with brushstrokes because Phree will recognize the pressure you apply and adjust the thickness of the writing. It serves as a tool for young professionals because you can annotate documents for an exam. Annotate on any excel, any word, any project or PowerPoint and send it to your colleagues, just as you would a PDF document on your phone.

The pen is available for purchasing and starts at $198.

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