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4 Reasons Printers & Ink May Be Fraud

Did you know that most printer ink cartridges are designed to run out quickly, mislead you with false low level alerts and force you to waste ink via the print cleaning utility?Did you know that most printer ink cartridges are designed to run out quickly, mislead you with false low level alerts and force you to waste ink via the print cleaning utility? Printer manufacturers make so much money off of ink, that they virtually give the printer away for free. The goal is to get you buying as much ink as possible to easily cover the cost of the printer.

Tons of ink cartridges are manufactured with a little chip and the printer companies like to tell us that this little things purpose is to monitor the quality of the ink. The chip lets you know when your printer is running low on a particular color. The chip can facilitate firmware updates to improve performance. All of this is baloney! The chip is designed to get you to spend more money.

1. False Ink Level Low Alerts

For example, say you’re running low on cyan ink. The chip will tell the printer to stop operating even if every other color type is full. A lot of the time the chip says you’ve got low ink you actually don’t. False low ink notifications are really really common. In fact the next time you get one, you might find that if you take the cartridge and perform a few quick tricks and find that you actually have plenty of ink still inside. What gives? Imagine if your car’s gas tank had a chip inside of it that forced the vehicle to stop operating completely once you hit half a tank.  There would be rioting in the streets! As a consumer you should have the right to drive that sucker til it’s bone dry and then refill it at your convenience.

2. Prevent Refilling

What if like cars, I could refill my ink cartridges after they’re empty? The chip is designed to prevent that as well. Many printing companies designed their chips to detect when the consumer was attempting to refill a used cartridge and it responded by disabling the printer completely. In fact just the last year a major court case over that very issue between Impression Products and Lexmark went all the way to the top and the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the little guy reaffirming a consumers right to repair and modify products after they’ve been purchased.

3. Waste Your Ink

Did you know that many printers purposely mix a little cyan ink into every black and white document you print? That’s right! While you’re thinking, I’ll just print black and white to save my color cartridges, printers are designed to use a bit of color without telling you. As we’ve mentioned before if even one of those cartridges registers as low ink the entire machine is disabled. The companies say this extra little bit of color gives it a pure black. That’s just not how color works.

4. Waste MORE Ink

Printer heads will be misaligned, dirty, damaged, dead on arrival and for every diagnostic you run, every test page you print, you’ll be using up those lovely ink cartridges more and more and more and more. You literally get to pay to make sure the thing you’ve already bought still works on a regular basis. No matter what company you go with, all printers suffer from the same ink wasting strategy.

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